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BOB Vape pens provide high quality THC distillate and tasty, tasty terpenes. No unnecessary ingredients nobody can pronounce, No PG, VG, VEG, MCT or LMNOP. Bob also puts .6g of product into these .5g cartridges, bonus!

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Bob Vape or “My Name is BOB” is a new Canadian player on the market and we are loving their branding and product quality. This vaping brand provides re-usable vape pens which include a vape cartridge in your flavor of choice and refill cartridges. Bob’s vape pens are manufactured in accordance with Canadian industry standards and are subject to strict quality control and safety tests.

BOB’s refill carts come in 7 flavors of THC distillate:

  • Blu Berri
  • Bob’s Widow (White Widow)
  • Pin Diesel (Pineapple Diesel)
  • Clem Entine
  • Water Melon
  • Jill Ahto (Gelato)
  • Blue Dream.

Our favorite part about Bob products is that they only use natural extracts and terpenes that are PG(Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PEG (polyethylene glycol) and MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) free.

BOB’s dedication to prioritizing health and safety, providing a great tasting user experience and quality, reliable hardware makes them a brand we are assured will satisfy our selective customers. BOB also puts .6g of product into these .5g cartridges, bonus!

Bob uses a proprietary technique to distill cannabis oil that removes all impurities, Resulting in a co-developed vape pen that quickly and smoothly vaporizes the thickest and most purified oil.

NOTE: All BOB vape pens use 510 threading.



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Vape Flavors

Blue Berri, Bob's Widow (White Widow), Jill Ahto (Gelato), Pin Diesel (Pineapple Diesel), Blue Dream, Clementine, Watermelon, Death Bubba, Skittlez


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