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MAC 10 is a THC loaded strain that’s highly medicinal. It is an exotic strain that the Sevens team has carefully curated as one of our Sevens Selections.

MAC 10 is a beautiful strain with frosty and dense nugs that emit delectable scents of sour citrus, lavender, and diesel like gas . Being packed with therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes, this strain helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. It gives a strong and intense high and is perfect for creative pursuits, building with friends or resting in your minimal downtime.






Mac 10 is a heavy hitting strain, crossbred from Alien Cookies x Miracle 15. Miracle 15 is a hybrid strain which was created from Starfighter and a Columbian landrace strain. The story goes: An unknown breeder forgot seeds in his pants which found their way to the washing machine. On finding them, the wife took them out and dried them and put them out to germinate. After a few days all but one survived: the Miracle 15.


The MAC 10 strain is super frosty and caked. These dense, coned shaped nugs are divinely covered in a thick and sticky layer of  resinous THC trichome glands. These nugs are difficult to break by hand because of how sticky the trichomes are. These beautiful nugs have hues of olive and pear green present under the silvery-white resinous glands with orange pistils surrounding them.


MAC 10 is described as dank, pungent and gassy with sour citrus highlights and a floral, lavender accent.


MAC 10 provides smooth, flavorful experience. It has a thick, zesty quality, floral funk and diesel like, gassy undertone, leaving a sweet and earthy taste in your mouth.


MAC 10 causes a blend of mental stimulation and deep body relaxation. It starts with an uplifting mental buzz that quickly translates to body-numbing relaxation.

This strain is recommended for stimulating creativity as well as reducing stress. Users have reported a general sense of excitement with a mild feeling of euphoria when taken in moderate doses. MAC 10 has high THC which usually hits 20%-30%, first time users are advised to start with a smaller dose as this strain is heavy hitting and may overwhelm unexperienced users.







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1 gram, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 oz), Half Pound (8 oz), Full Pound (16 oz)

3 reviews for MAC 10 AAAA+

  1. Fatima

    LOVE this strain. I’m spoiled now tho, not smoking anything but this. Would love to see more craft strains on here.

  2. mb

    this strain is fire!! looking forward to seeing more options

  3. James

    This one crazy. Might be the nicest looking weed I’ve seen. Worthy of AAAA+ rating.

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